Our bodies contain our experiences. When we move and make, we process our experiences to create meaning. These are pathways to transformation which lead to a life of quality. I help people connect with themselves, others, and to global ideas and communities. I assist people who want to feel safe and empowered in their physicality and those who know that somatic engagement is a critical component to learning, healing, and leading.

Connect to yourself: Use movement to rehearse real life.

  • Movement study workshops in self-compassion, listening and asserting, resilience, journeying, and more.
  • Functional movement to support inner strength.

Connect to others: Let’s develop the staying power your audience needs in order to learn, grow, heal, and lead.

  • Interpersonal and engagement coaching for teachers, therapists, and professionals:
    • Lead your students in social-emotional learning;
    • Create the bridge for therapy clients to enter somatic therapy practices,
    • Enlivening professional conversations will lead you to better work and bring you better clients.
  • Best practices in movement education, arts education, and assessment.

Connect to big ideas: Join community of seekers moving toward wholeness.

  • 1:1 coaching for developing your dynamic, emotionally intelligent work.
  • Nimble Body Book Club: moving bodies, minds, and ideas forward.

“You are the smartest, most fun teacher, ever!” -Violet D.

For the last 25 years, Heather Vaughan-Southard has been guiding people into their bodies as a means to get out of their own way. From professional performer and choreographer, to trauma-informed K-12 and College Educator, to Arts Education Consultant, Somatic Movement Educator, and Interpersonal/Somatic Coach- Heather has the experience to help you to make greater impact in your professional performance and personal relationships, moving you toward wholeness.

Join me. Contact: hvsouthard@gmail.com

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