Thank you

Thank you to all that have helped shape the path that has led to my current destination.

This year has been….full.

Professionally, I have changed venue, audience, style of engagement, and over the past year, my marketing. It has been nearly a year since I started this blog and discovered not only how much I truly do love writing but how much I depend upon it.  I don’t post everything I write but having this vehicle has led to clarity and investigation in so many ways. It has encouraged me to delve further into my own philosophies, strategies, and principles.

My teaching has taken on new challenges as I have shifted to K-8. I have appreciated the struggles and the successes of working with new students and am ever appreciative of my supportive colleagues. Over the last 5 years, I had grown used to  complete autonomy. Now, I enjoy the freedom I still own in developing curriculum but I also enjoy the relationships I have with our school administrators. It is nice to not be an army of one.

I have met many people via this blog, Twitter, and other EducatingDancer projects and have thoroughly enjoyed our interactions. I value the opportunity to “meet” like minds with serious investments in dance, whatever the rhyme or reason, even when we don’t share the same opinion. Perhaps especially when we don’t share the same opinion. Thanks, tweeps, “friends”, and other acquaintances for challenging me and helping force growth.

Personally, we’ve also encountered plenty of change. Our boy G has just turned 4 and we welcomed baby girl H in April. They, and my husband keep me inspired, in constant motion, laughing, and grounded.

And so, thank you. Thanks to all that have read, shared, recommended, commented, and linked.

Happy Thanksgiving.