Hello, Stranger (I’m sorry)

So this parenting of multiple children, teaching full time, and trying to write thing is hard. I mean, I didn’t expect it to be easy but well, I tend to have a lot of energy.

I am exhausted.

So, thanks for your patience in my lack of communication.

I have thought a lot about writing. And dancing. And teaching. And parenting. And knitting. And, well…napping. I have thought a lot about napping. Yet I never do, even when I get the chance. I am just one of those people.

But summer is here! I look forward to catching up on many things, including my blog.

Topics rolling around in my head:

  • A response to the DanceUSA articles about dance in higher education being a means for choreographers to produce work, eat, and even thrive.
  • Elevating the arts: a return to discipline, communication, and authentic inquiry and why it doesn’t have to start in higher education.
  • Changing the conversation:  shifting program expectations and bringing your community with you when completely changing direction
  • Experiencing movement: what I miss about being “in my body” and how I might try to regain that knowledge while teaching middle school students to learn this for the first time.