Letting It Be: Renewed Intent

Friends are the best.

I tend to get ahead of myself in most ways, worrying about things that are important but likely to ebb and flow as we move through life. This is true of my professional life and my personal life. I spend a lot of energy putting things into action that sometimes I need reminding that I just need to “let it be”. There are two particular people in my life that do this for me.

Be aware. Sometimes observing is enough.

Be patient. It will come or it will shift.

Be present. Focus on the now.

I am so fortunate to have married my best friend but also for a group of friends that continue to inspire me, encourage me, challenge me, entertain me and remind me. Some I have had for a long time. Whenever we talk, even though it isn’t as often as we’d like, we seem to never skip a beat. Others are the best “bonus” of marrying my husband. (And he thought it was his music collection.)

Photo by Heather Vaughan-Southard

In celebration of these loved ones, here is a small glimpse of what I’ve spent time working on over the summer months.

It is a peek of our daughter, H,  and a project I am working on for some dear friends getting married next spring. In broader terms,  an image of family and friends, time shared in person or in spirit, and energy spent making (although a knitter, I learned to crochet specifically for this project).

When I started this blog, my intent was to share my experiences in the dance world in the hopes that future (or current) dancers might feel it is useful to their own lives.

Over the last few years, one focus of my dance experience has been the balance of dance and life. I have shared the dance part, certainly from a personal point of view, but I am thinking of being a bit more balanced in how I manage this topic on this blog.

No, I won’t be sharing family secrets but I will offer more insight as to what the life of a dance educator can be like,…the questions, the demands, the joys, the rewards, the process,….peppered with what makes me, well, me….my aesthetic, my family, my hobbies,…

It is what makes me return repeatedly to the blogs that I tend to follow. Maybe you’ll like it, too.