June. Finally. It has been a long, arduous year but there has still plenty to be grateful for. I am glad for summer; time to process and write. Here’s what has happened in my 2013-14 academic year. Let the processing (and writing) commence!


  • Survived perhaps the most challenging teaching year of my career.
  • Thrived in the most fabulous middle school teaching experiences I’ve mustered yet.
  • Directed the repertory dance concert at Michigan State University.
  • Contributed to the creative team of Theatre Engine, a grant-funded research project at MSU, headed by the fabulous Alison Dobbins.
  • Created HS assessment items for the Michigan Arts Education Instruction and Assessment Project (MAEIA).
  • Presented professional development to various organizations on Arts Integration.
  • Performed!
  • Continue to write for Dance Advantage.
  • Developing new workshop presentation based on empathy-filled engagement and teaching.
  • NDEO (National Dance Education Organization) proposal for presentation at the national conference accepted. Will present Embodying Knowledge: Aiding Struggling Learners through Arts Integration, with Karen Hicks, in Chicago this November.


  • Continue to find great joy and love in our marriage and family life.
  • Dabbling in writing knitting patterns and learning to knit cables.
  • Found major sources of inspiration in the work of Brené Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, Anna Halprin, Ohad Naharin, and more.
  • Renewed commitments to living the good life and taking time and steps to ensure that.
  • Disneyland for spring break!
  • Started sketching again.
  • New writing project (eventually this will cross to professional category).

Will return again soon and as always….thanks for reading.



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