Going Rogue

I have been teaching for a long time. As in, over twenty years long.

Somewhere along the way, within the last four years especially, the needs of my students changed. I became aware of their personal needs out-weighing their technical needs. Their needs are for a safe place to learn and explore, gentle support when taking risks, generous space and time to generate something personal and authentic, and then trust to receive feedback objectively and honestly. Yes, all of these are relevant to the creative process, to artistry, but are not innate to dance training, or school in general. When I have provided these things, students have verbally expressed their gratitude. They have validated that I am on to something.

My work has changed dramatically over 20 years. My work is with the person, then the mover, then the artist. We are all artists; our lives our greatest evolving masterpieces.

I have broken with the systems that have been holding back my work and this break feels like “going rogue”. It is empowering and feels like the right thing to do. It is necessary. It is also unsettling, scary, and I am feeling really vulnerable. I am attempting to live on my edge- guided by my gut, my knowledge, and in response to where I see the need. We need space and time and methods for reconnecting with ourselves, with our communities, with the world at-large. I know how to help.

Which systems are holding you back from doing your best work or the work you feel is most needed?