Leaping into Courage. And Community.

The holidays always inspire reflection. Often, it is the visiting of dear friends whom we only see a few times a year that has me gauging what has changed for us, or what has stayed the same.

Easily, 2015 has been filled with change. You know this, if you’ve been following my journey via this blog. The year has nearly left me speechless,  as I have commonly felt as though I am free-falling into new territory with new dimensions and new groups of people. I have traded authority and ownership for innovation and ingenuity. There has been, and continues to be, risk. There have been some sleepless nights, and earlier there was worry about whether or not this work could or would pay. I have been living trial and error. Regrouping and reasserting.

But you know what there hasn’t been? Regret.

Nor petty politics, seemingly pointless proving of worth, or fanning egos.

I have experienced more “yes” than ever in my career- both in the arts and in education. The sleepless nights have mostly been about solving creative problems and not rehashing scenarios of defense. The work has paid. There have been errors and some failures, but mostly there has been learning.

Overall, this year has taught me about trust.

Familiar faces from years past have resurfaced to play integral and interesting roles as I build a new line of work and shift the functionality of movement arts within a community. I am struck that without the trust established in years prior- and usually within a studio- the speed with which our relationships have deepened now would not be possible. Without those relationships, my new work certainly wouldn’t be building in the way it is nor with the same potential.

Those trusting relationships have brought forth new partnerships with new people who share some of my thinking and all of my commitment to doing meaningful work. We have met where we are and have helped each other fill in gaps.

For all the touting of community I have been doing over the years, I finally find myself within one that has exceeded all of my expectations.

I expected taking the leap to be….lonely.

Instead, I have found an entire community of people that are living just as courageously as I am attempting to do. They are reinventing their fields, taking risks to provide advantages for others, rethinking channels and pathways to  implement positive change. Now, we are doing it together.

I don’t offer this to brag. I offer it because if you find yourself pondering whether to leap yourself, it is helpful to know others who have. Different really can be better and it may not be as solitary as you expect.

1, 2, 3…..