In my Creative Self-Care and Adult Modern classes, we have been moving in response to the notion that the mind creates fiction and the body is holder of the facts.

Our minds are a fertile ground for picking up stories and developing them into tales of twisted and contorted truth. We fill in gaps, as Pema Chödrön would suggest, to find a sense of grounding- attempting to pour anything we can think of into the holes of a story in order for it to make sense to ourselves.

Our bodies, on the other hand, are ever-present. Our bodies walk us into various scenes and scenarios; documenting place, person, and our perceptions of a situation. Our senses record the evidence of our interactions, positive and negative.

When we move in acknowledgement of the stories our bodies hold, rather than in refute, our movement authenticates. We move in acceptance of our histories, bringing them into each motion, meanwhile engaging in a practice of discovery- one that allows us to translate our experiences beyond language but into other forms of knowledge- we make sense to ourselves.

How are you engaging with your self-knowledge?

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