What are you making?

This weekend I had the luxury of conversation with a wide range of women. The organization I work for was celebrating our 40th anniversary. Some of the conversations happened verbally, some through movement, more through observation as the event was blocks away from the Women’s March in my state capitol.

In one of the pieces performed, there was a soundscape which included an excerpted interview of Vickie (Vera Blaine)  talking about helping dancers know they have a choice in performance- execution, rather- during any given moment.

It is true. It is also true of the lives we are performing our ways through.

I like to imagine the answers many of the people I interacted or observed this weekend and through-out my life if I were to ask them, “What are you making?”

I hope I am making connections for people- to themselves and to new ways of seeing/being and inquiring.

I know I am making a life worth living.

I am pleased to be making deeper and broader communities of people.

When we join to make things together, we are transformed.

What are you making?