The Year of Making It

A few years ago, I had a year of “Yes”. It was before Shonda Rhimes published her book. It was a time in my life where I needed to reorient my work to include MYSELF. I was giving so much to my students and my colleagues that I left myself out of the equation and soon I was wondering why I felt burned out, over-capacity, and holding on to extra weight and extra baggage that was no longer serving me.

I decided to try new things. In short, to say “Yes” to things which might expand my comfort zone (though not my safety, of course).

The result was fun. I felt freer. I felt more confident. I felt empowered to change more things. I credit that year to establishing a bouyant foundation which cushioned a daring career change and propelled me into new possibilities.

This year, it is the Year of Making (it). I feel compelled to chase that feeling again; to honor myself and my creative ambitions. I am taking steps which allow me to interact with more of you on a more regular (and moving basis) and I am also honoring my other creative streaks. Things I have previously thought would be nice, seem to have entered a “why not” stage of development.

Will you join me? Want do you want to make?