The Power of Groups

When we work in community (group classes, community environments,…) change happens on a larger scale. This sense of community cannot simply be more bodies in space. It means more bodies, with minds and intentions directed toward a shared experience, even if people do not interact with each other. It is a guided tour of what it means to be “in this together”.

Individual attention is desired and needed. Enjoying safety in numbers allows for greater supported risk, when the group feels connected and supported.

As the master of the movement experience, the role of instructor or facilitator not only serves as tour guide but as anchor. When the anchor models vulnerability, flexibility, non-judgement, and exudes compassion– even love for movement AND the dynamic of the group– everyone propels forward as well as deeper.

Individual work is desired and needed. Groups remind us that we are not alone in the things that often make us feel isolated such as tricky knees, frustrating backs, bouts of anxiety, and more.

Feeling a sense of self in a space with others, allows us to remember we are one part of a larger whole. Because we ARE all in this together.

Let’s move.