At some point, most of us have abandoned ourselves. How do we come back?

Slowly. Daily. Incrementally. Drip by drip, as all real progress is made.

Taking notice of the sensations present in the body, in order to let the soul breathe.

Playing with time and qualities of energy, slowing down long enough to invite choice and attempt to not live exclusively in habit.

Engaging in play- the kind we loved as kids. What was yours?

Be discerning in who and what gets your attention.

I will join you in this. The movement studies I am sharing with you on IG and FB help us develop our staying power. Use them as a daily practice. Log which work well for you and repeat them. Share them with those who need them, too. Offer them with “I thought you might like this” rather than a “I think you should do this”. You know what “should” does. And if you are struggling with your own “shoulds”- give yourself a break. Our work together exists in a judgement free zone and my offerings are a guide not a rule. Maybe that is your first practice in staying. Staying in the judgement free zone a minute at a time.

We don’t have to abandon ourselves anymore. We can choose to stay.

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