Let’s deepen your connection to yourself as you navigate your physicality as well as your inner landscape.

HVS Movement Study Workshops use movement as a metaphor. With themes such as self-compassion and stress reduction, active listening and asserting voice, empowerment through choice, we rehearse real life through a movement context. By reconditioning your nervous system, and developing your resilience, we can bring relief and joy into your life through individual sessions or group experiences, in person or virtually.

Functional movement and pilates classes use movement patterning, strengthening, and and coordination to build your physical awareness, prowess, and expression, leading to heightened quality of life.

My clients include:

  • People looking to work with their personal physical capacity and social-emotional wellness, including those who may have experienced PTSD, traumatic brain injury, joint replacements, hyper mobility and EDS, chronic pain, disordered eating, and more.
  • Ageless movers seeking to improve balance, coordination, strength, and quality of life.
  • Bright spirits who inhabit bodies in all sizes, shapes, and colors.