“Whenever I am able to move with Heather, I am overwhelmed by the quality of presence that she brings to her work which manifests in a judgement free space for everyone.  In this space, I am able to shed myself of accumulated stresses and anxiety, to connect with my breath and to experience different sensations in my body with freedom and joy.  For a few days after moving with Heather, my body feels like what I can only imagine cats must feel like in their bodies.  I find moving with Heather to be a valuable investment in self care that increases my ability to be more present in my life and care for the people and things I love.” Tiffany T., Client

“Being caring, intellectual, curious, silly, informed, questioning, subversive, countercultural, and delicately empowering you is all in a day’s work for Heather. There isn’t a student or mentee of hers that does not go unchanged for the better after she has provided you with the space to speak, share, crumble, and then make choices and grow from them. She is subtle in how she offers and provides you with a foundational support, because within that is an abundance of freedom for you to explore who you are to truly become as a person, artist, dance maker, and educator.”     Clara Martinez, Dance Educator and Choreographer

“Heather’s approach to explorative movement allows each participant to increase awareness of present physiological patterning and how it may have served and burdened the organism over-time. With heightened awareness, participants are able to take an inventory of rigid mental, physical, and emotional conditioned responses, all the while, being supported and assisted with discovering tailored functional and adaptive responses. Heather’s classes have been an integral adjunct to talk-therapy, as I have been able to address physical blockages along with emotional content for full-integration and healing.”        Jazmin Williams, LMSW

“Life changing!  Working with Heather for the last year, my life has been immeasurably improved. When I started working with her in Creative Self-Care/Pilates classes I had muscle atrophy from a joint replacement and an overuse injury.  I have learned how to strengthen my  muscles and how to spot signs that the muscles are being re-injured.  
Throughout my life I have fallen and working with Heather has given me a “functional” body.  I now understand why I have always fallen and am working to improve my balance and core so that as I age I do not fall as easily and often.  When I first came to Heather’s classes I  was often confused by changes in the patterns of movement.  My mind is now adapting more quickly to subtle and not so subtle movement pattern changes.  This learning has affected the way I move in the world – learning my boundaries, being aware of balance issues so that I stay upright.  
I recommend classes with Heather to friends and colleagues on a regular basis.  I recently invited an 80 year old to attend to help with her pain, and a 60 year old athlete who is having muscle problems.  I have also recommended the class to people who are socially isolated.  Heather’s ability to work with people of varying fitness levels, work individually while within a group and her openness to others creates a safe, supportive environment for her students.  At the beginning of class Heather opens with, “This is a judgement free zone.  You are free to take it with you when you leave tonight.”  That statement encourages students and gives them the freedom they need to explore their fitness during class without fear.”  Denise P., Pilates and Creative Self-Care participant