Transformation happens in community.

If you are an educator, therapist, or presenter/facilitator, acknowledging the nervous systems you are working with will deepen your impact. Employing tools from creative process, will allow you to deepen connection and relationship with your students and clients, as well as create innovative ways to engage participants in meaningful learning.

I provide strategies and coaching for using creativity, somatics, and movement to create the change you desire in your professional practice, personal life, and in the work you do with others.

For Teachers:

Educators, join me on your own timeline and specifically to your need. I am currently offering consulting/coaching on somatics and movement-based integration, administering school- and community-based programming, trauma-sensitive teaching practices, and compassionate assessment practices which provide data while maintaining the integrity of the learning experience. Within this experience, we will:

Connect to ourselves: re-examine your motivations for teaching, your role in the studio/school/community, and reinvest in your creative and teaching practices. Do your actions align with your intentions? Is upholding the legacy of your discipline serving or impeding the people you are leading?

Connect to others: hold the space for those who may have experienced trauma (we don’t often know specifically who they are) through your teaching and class/studio culture and climate. Good teaching includes methods for reaching different types of learners, clients with different kinds of life experiences, and serving in different kinds of relationships. Are you creating a responsive experience?

Connect to the bigger ideas: this includes the role of assessment in the processes of education and business, developing individual and group-class curriculum, and following-through to make the change you intend. Transformation happens when we move responsibly and authentically in community and in consciousness. Are your teaching/professional practices reflecting your ideals? Are they considerate of the experiences of those you are working with? Are they reflecting best practice in teaching?

Reduced rate for those working with marginalized groups.
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For Therapists:

As a society, we are conditioned to devalue the body. As such, employing somatic-based therapy can be difficult to introduce for many reasons.

I can help you bridge the gap clients’ transition from no body awareness or value, to being prepared for somatic-based therapy.

This can include:

Strategies and coaching for building somatic awareness through movement and creative engagement

Helping you develop your somatic movement experience which will help you position yourself to lead this work more effectively

Provide virtual HVS Movement Studies class series for your clients to attend. These sessions will build their staying power as well as their somatic awareness as we use movement as a metaphor for real life, supplementing the work you do with them in session.

Reduced rate for those working with marginalized populations.

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